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I’ll be the first to admit that I have a horrible memory!  Annoyingly bad!  But I have to say that with all the books I’ve read, I can usually remember the main points of a book and sometimes even small details that have stuck with me through the years.  But not with these books!


As I’ve mentioned before, I only make it about 50% through this book.  I can’t tell you anything about it that isn’t in the synopsis.  Maybe if I saw the play I would have been more into it???



I only remember marking one really funny passage with this one.  The rest of it, meh.  Typical celebrity memoir.





While I was scrolling through GoodReads to make this list, I saw this book and my first thought was “I read this???”  So… yeah.  Forgettable.  😑






I remember what this book wasn’t – raunchy and real details about being a call girl!






I know some will probably call this a typical celebrity memoir.  I don’t remember anything about the book.  The only thing I remember is that Leonard Nimoy was the narrator.  #BadTrekie




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